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List of the best store-bought canned soup options for the keto diet. Include homemade options and featured recipes from our site: Top 12 low-carb canned soups 1. Amy’s Soups Chunky Vegetable Soup Made with organic ingredients, this soup is perfect if you want to lose weight on a low-carb diet. If you don’t have any issues with insulin spikes and are a little comfortable with the IIFYM approach, you can eat a serving or two of this canned soup and not worry so much. It does contain organic sweet corn and peas, which are not keto-friendly, but in that amount,

Cucumbers have been a staple in our diets for over 3,000 years due to their antioxidant and nutrient density. But is cucumber keto-friendly? This post takes a look at the carb content of cucumbers and some delicious keto recipes and alternatives. Can you eat cucumber on the keto diet? A cup of cucumber contains less than 2 grams of carbs, so you can eat whatever you want without interfering with ketosis. But what distinguishes cucumber is that it contains 96 percent of water. This makes it useful when dealing with the keto flu and headaches as it keeps you hydrated

Smoky, meaty, warm, and deeply filling with Cajun seasoning, white beans mixed with flavor-packed hambon bones are comfort in a bowl. Flavored with pork and seasoned with Cajun seasoning, these white beans are comforting in a bowl. (All photos: George Graham) There are times when my only goal for baking a whole bone-in ham is the hambone. While I’m not arguing that you go to that extreme, my expectation is that the next time you serve a baked ham, you’ll save the bones and meat in this recipe. Just toss it in the freezer and wait for the cold weather

Next coconut stock is combined with the aromatic flavors of curry and a sweet tang of pineapple in this bowl of Cajun neck bones to build a curried pork stew that elevates flavor to international levels. Tender chunks of pork swimming in a fragrant curry gravy, this multi-cultural pork curry has bold flavour. (All photos: George Graham) Listen up: I’m a sucker for Asian spices. I’ve never been to Asia, but with my culinary excursions to exotic markets and restaurants, I’ve developed a passion for many of the dishes that characterize the Pacific Rim. Vietnamese bowls, Chinese hot pot, ramen

Beans and greens mean winter to me. Filled with creamy red beans, bitter mustard greens, and citrusy tomatoes, this hearty soup can be elevated only with Cajun scallion pork sausage. I love the depth of flavor and spice in this red bean, mustard green, and green onion soup. And I love the memories it brings back to us. Heat a bowl of red bean soup, mustard greens, and green onions. (All photos: George Graham) My mother grew up in Detroit, Michigan during the Depression years and was working there during World War II when she met my father. In those

It’s Fat Monday, oh you will! Lundi Gras (French for Fat Monday) amps up the Mardi Gras holiday with a full schedule of parades, balls, and of course, the Courir de Mardi Gras—a rustic Cajun celebration before the onset of Lent. The smoked chicken and sausage gumbo is worth begging for. (All photos: George Graham) Pierce the cabochon (a ceremonial cone-shaped hat), put on a colorful mask, and sip on your favorite beer—it’s time to start begging. Explanation required? Courier is my favorite of all the Mardi Gras customs seen all over Acadiana. Colorfully dressed Mardi Gras revelers beg for

Ranch is usually made with a mixture of yogurt, garlic, mustard, and herbs. This gives it a creamy yet tangy taste that goes with just about anything. But is ranch keto? This post will walk you through everything you need to know about eating ranch on keto. We’ll take a look at some keto alternatives and a delicious farmhouse recipe while answering frequently asked questions. Is ranch sauce bad for weight loss? If you want to lose weight, store-bought ranch is not suitable because it contains added sugars and other high-calorie additives. This will take you back to weight loss

Just last week I was telling a good friend that I had plans to make shrimp and okra this weekend. Without hesitation, she asked, “Cajun gumbo or Creole gumbo?” Oh, here I am again. After a 10-minute explanation, I saw my friend regret even asking the question. But it is a difficult subject, and one in which the highest level of scientific study has been involved. If you have a little ten minutes to be ashamed of, pour another cup of coffee and hear me out. Shrimp and okra gumbo blends the best of Cajun and Creole cooking into one

When I started the ketogenic lifestyle, desserts rarely tasted like the sugary sweets I was used to, and coconut flour ruined the texture. This is why so many wheat flour substitutes are flooding the market, promising perfect desserts. One such substitute is cassava flour. It works like regular flour and has no aftertaste. But is cassava flour keto? Below, I will answer all of your questions about cassava flour. I’ll cover the carb content and nutritional information while looking at some of the low-carb alternatives. Is cassava flour keto-friendly? Cassava flour is not keto-friendly because one cup contains 110 grams

The scent of fresh greens (cabbage, spinach, chard, and kale, to name a few) simmering on the stove. And with just one bowl of Gumbo Z’herbes filled with roux, you’re praying for a second helping. Steaming bowl by Gumbo Z’herbes (All photos: George Graham) As in most culinary cultures, religion has an influence on Southern Louisiana dishes with gumbo z’herbes as an example. In the predominantly Catholic region of Acadiana, meat is consumed in moderation during the fasting season leading up to Easter, and “herb gumbo” has become a substitute commonly served on Good Friday. African callaloo and French herb